Record your life with Day Journal

Record your life with Day Journal

We have been locked away working on our first android app for the last few months and are now very excited to inform you that it is very near completion.

DJournal is a full featured journaling app with full support for photos, weather and location data.

Enter your memories, ideas and events together with photos to build up a history of your life. We have spent many hours designing DJournal to be as easy as possible to use. From fast start up through to a crisp and easy to use interface, journaling has never been easier.

Whether you already keep a diary or struggle to find the time, DJournal will help you make it easier and more rewarding. With DJournal in your pocket you can easily create entries on the go – wherever you are.

Entries can then be exported to a number of formats including Dayone, csv, text and now HTML. DJournal uses html templates allowing you to customise the output exactly as you want.

So what are you waiting for, start recording your life today.

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