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VAT Pro is a powerful VAT and Tax Calculator for iPhone which allows you to quickly and effortlessly perform VAT related calculations. Simply enter the Exclusive value, Inclusive value or VAT amount, tap Equals and VAT Pro will instantly show you the missing values together with a VAT breakdown.

Rates for 29 European countries, all US states and over 50 other countries are supplied with more on the way. If your country is not available you can use one of the five custom countries to add your own tax rates. All tax rates and country names are editable and up to four VAT rates can be assigned to each country.

VAT Pro also includes a European VAT Number validator. This allows you to enter any European VAT number into the app and check that it is valid. VAT Pro accesses the European Commissions database to perform the check so an internet connection is required for this feature.

The rate comparision option. Next to the rate buttons you will see a small open padlock. Tap this to lock the selected rate. Now when you tap any other rate, VAT Pro will pop up a screen showing the calculation at both rates together with the difference between the two.

With the latest features, VAT Pro truly is the most advanced VAT / Tax calculator on the app store bar none!


  • Professional and intuitive interface
  • VAT rates for all European countries
  • Tax rates for all US states
  • Over 50 other countries
  • Standard and reduced rates for all countries
  • Five custom countries
  • Inclusive and exclusive VAT calculations
  • VAT only calculations
  • VAT breakdown
  • Log, view and export calculations
  • European VAT Number Validator with name and address
  • Consecutive Calculations
  • Automatic currency symbol based on location
  • User definable tax name
  • Instant recalculation on change of rate or country
  • Remembers the country last used
  • Own keypad for faster data entry
  • Full arithmetic with +, -, x and / keys
  • Built in help and links to support
  • iOS6 tested
  • High resolution graphics for retina display
  • Different skins
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  • User Comments:

    Very handy app Having tried various VAT apps I found this one to be my keeper. The ability to perform calculations is very handy indeed.

    So much quicker So much easier and quicker than a standard calculator. Well done :)

    Great App.. I've got other similar apps but this is by far the best designed ... The other apps don't look anywhere near as good or as well designed and they're not as intuitive as VAT Pro