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VAT Pro quickly & effortlessly performs VAT calculations. Enter the Inclusive, Exclusive or VAT only amount & tap ‘=’ & VAT Pro will instantly calculate the missing values.

Data is available for 29 European countries, all US States & over 50 other countries plus 5 custom countries. All rate data is editable from within the app.

VAT Pro can perform consecutive calculations & full arithmetic. If you want to see the same calculation for a different rate, simply tap one of the rate buttons or select a different country or state & the calculation will be refreshed without you having to re-enter the amounts.

Different rates can be compared by tapping the lock icon & then selecting a different rate.

VAT Pro can log all calculations (option in settings). You can then view the log & export.

VAT Pro also includes a fully functional European VAT number validator. Enter a companies VAT number, tap validate & within seconds VAT Pro will query the European commissions database & show you the results. Full company name & address are shown if available. If you are VAT registered & have entered you VAT number in settings, you will also receive a unique consultation number from the European commission which can be used to prove that you validated a companies VAT number on a certain date.


  • VAT Rates for all European countries
  • Standard & reduced rates
  • Tax rates for all US states
  • Tax rates for over 50 other countries
  • Five custom countries for non standard rates
  • All countries are fully editable
  • Inclusive & Exclusive calculations
  • VAT only calculations
  • Consecutive calculations
  • Remembers last country used
  • Full arithmetic with +, -, x & /
  • Number formatting based on your country
  • European VAT number validator
  • Compare calculations at different rates
  • User defined decimal places
  • Calculation log
  • Export facilities
  • In app help
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