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Shift Work is an application specifically designed for shift workers who want to enter and view their shifts quickly and easily.

Whilst this can be achieved in a normal calendar it is by no means ideal. Imagine having to enter a years worth of shift information – it would take you a considerable amount of time and effort, especially if your shifts do not fit into the standard week.

Shift Work overcomes this problem by allowing you to create shifts using a combination of colours, letters and numbers and then build patterns of repeating shifts which can then be added to your calendar at the tap of a button.

Once you have entered your shifts you can share your data with others as well as create similar calendars for your friends, family and colleagues. If your partner needs to know what shifts you’re on then you can share your database with them via Dropnet.


  • Create colourful shifts with optional code allowing you to easily see your shifts at a glance.
  • Create any number of calendars. For example: one for your shifts, your spouse and one to keep track of the kids (after school
  • ctivities, clubs etc.).
  • Compare any of your shift calendars side by side to find out when you next have a day off together.
  • Repeating shift patterns allows you to enter months or years worth of shifts in seconds.
  • Edit individual days to show special days such as training, sick, holidays etc.
  • Add notes to days with the option to use colours to help identify different types of notes.
  • Enter hours worked against different pay codes to keep track of what you should be paid.
  • Email shifts as easy to read text so you can print out for your family to see.
  • Email shift data as CSV for use in spreadsheets and other applications.
  • Email a copy of your calendar to friends and family.
  • Show week numbers.
  • Jump to any date in the future or past or quickly go back to today.
  • Show a months worth of shifts as your phones wallpaper.
  • Report showing hours worked over a user definable period.
  • Set any day as the week start day.
  • Robust SQL based database.
  • Backup and restore through Dropbox.
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  • User Comments:

    I love this app, real easy to add scheduled days and remove mistakes. By far the best app I have used for shift work.