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Percentages is the App Stores leading percentage calculator allowing you to effortlessly perform a multitude of percent related calculations. Version 1.85 is now available from the App Store with a host of new features and now supports the iPad natively.

Percentages 1.85 is a free upgrade to existing users and just £0.69p for new customers. If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone and iPad then you only need purchase the app once.


  • Find the percentage of a number (i.e. what is 30% of 250)
  • Find the part percent of a whole (i.e. what percent of 200 is 40)
  • Find the value if X is Y%
  • Find the percent change between one value and another
  • Increase or decrease a number by a percentage (i.e. deduct 15% from 149)
  • Find the original value after a percentage was added
  • Find the original value after a percentage was subtracted
  • Runs natively on iPad
  • Learn mode (teaches you the formula)
  • International number formatting
  • Retina quality graphics
  • Available in English and French
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  • User Comments:

    Great & Incredibly Easy Love this app! I no longer need to calculate all my work, which usually takes me forever. I calculate percentages on all my SEO SEM month over month traffic and revenue - this is a huge help!

    Just the job Recent update has made this a 5 star app. Nothing fancy but does all I need for 59p

    Quick work I use this a lot for my price markups/changes at work because my math is poor. Thanks for the simple and straight forward app!