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Percentages Pro is the simplest yet most effective percentage calculator available on app world. This is the only percentage app you will need. The three user screens give you the options to either select individual calculations or (for those moments when you don’t know the calculation required) you can compare two numbers or apply a given percentage to a number and the app will list various combinations of the data you supplied.

Results are presented in a simple yet informative structure with an option to see how the calculation was made. The ‘Learn’ view breaks the formula down step by step using the values you entered which many parents have found gives their children a better understanding of percentages.



Select from eight different percent related calculations including:

1. Percent of a number (i.e. what is 12% of 245)
2. Percent of a part value (i.e. what percent of 130 is 26)
3. Percent changed (i.e. what is the percentage increase from 19.99 to 24.99)
4. X is y% of (i.e. 200 is 25% of 800)
5. Increase by % (i.e. what is 29.54 + 15%)
6. Decrease by % (i.e. what is 29.54 – 15%)
7. After % deducted (i.e. 25 is after a 10% decrease of 27.78)
8. After % added (i.e. 25 is after a 10% increase of 22.73)

Learn view is available for all eight calculations showing you step by step how the formula works using the numbers you entered.


Apply mode lets you apply a given percentage to a number in several forms:

1. x% of y is …
2. y is x% of …
3. y plus x% is …
4. y minus x% is …
5. If y is after an x% reduction then what was the original value?
6. if y is after an x% increase then what was the original value?


Compare mode compares two given numbers as percentages:

1. x is what % of y
2. y is what % of x
3. From x to y is an increase or decrease of what %
4. From y to x is an increase or decrease of what %
5. Show the difference between x and y as a percentage


1. Simple to use, no mathematical ability required.
2. It teaches you how its done.
3. Great for working out tax calculations
4. Use to work out mark up and mark down values
5. Handles negative numbers
6. Three modes of operation

You will be amazed at how often you use it.

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