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Owner Information

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The Owner Information app makes it easy for anyone who finds your phone to make contact with you and organise its safe return. Once you have entered your contact details, pin the app to your homepage (at the top) and when anyone taps the icon your details are displayed. To make it easy for the finder to make contact, all they have to do is tap one of the phone number buttons and it will make the call or the email button to send you an email.

Whilst this app won’t guarantee you will never lose your mobile phone again, it will greatly increase the odds of it getting back to you.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Enter up to three phone numbers
  • Enter up to two email addresses
  • Enter a personal note to the finder
  • Add your photo so that the finder can confirm you are the owner
  • The finder can easily call or email you simply by pressing a button
  • Pin to you homepage to make it easy for the finder to contact you
  • Wallpaper generator
  • Offer a cash or surprise reward (or no reward)
  • Password protect your details
  • Metro themed tile
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