Margins 2

Margins 2

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Margins allows you calculate and adjust your profit margins with ease right on your iPhone or iPad using either amounts, margin or mark up. Great for people in sales related positions and for small businesses.

Simply enter two of the four fields and Margins will instantly work out the remaining values. Want to make an adjustment? Simply change one of the values and the results are shown immediately.

Version 2.5 now includes tax calculations. Simply double tap the sell price field to toggle on or off.

Version 2.5 is a universal app running natively on the iPad.


  • Professional and intuitive interface
  • All fields double up as input and output fields
  • Enter or calculate the Selling Price, Cost Price, Profit, Margin % and Mark up
  • Calculated fields are highlighted
  • Adjust any field and the remaining fields are instantly updated
  • Tax calculations
  • Native iPad version
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  • User Comments:

    A Timesaver I run a small shop and used to make laborious calculations to get prices and margins right before I discovered this app. It's so easy. I love it. Keeps me on top of prices and margins in an instant.

    Essential for retailers To be short and sweet, this is the only margin calculator you will ever need. Fast and simple with the essential tax setting to give you all of your profit and margin results instantly. Bargain!