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Day Journal is a powerful private diary app for Android which lets you add weather, location, photos, audio, tags and emotions to your diary entries as well as providing several data export formats.

Enter your memories, ideas and events together with photos, audio, weather, your mood and location data to build up a history of your life. Day Journal is easy use, from fast start up through to a crisp and easy to use interface, journaling has never been easier.

Use definable categories and tags to record family life, recipes, medical history, expenses and other job related entries and anything else you can think of.

Whether you already keep a diary or struggle to find the time, Day Journal will help you make it easier and more rewarding. With Day Journal in your pocket you can easily add to your diary on the go – wherever you are.

Day Journal keeps your memories safe. In case you lose your phone, nobody will be able to get hold of your journal because of the strong password protection, Day Journal is your secret diary.

Finding your memories is easy with the timeline or calendar views plus you can search or filter your memories using categories and tags.

Day Journal private diary has built in backup and restore options and can export your data in a number of standard formats including text, Excel (CSV), HTML and now DayOne formatted files.

With HTML export you can create stunning web pages complete with navigation, photos and interactive maps. In fact, you can create your own templates and include as much or as little data as you choose.

Once you have a years worth of diary entries you can activate the ‘This Time Last Year’ feature. This will automatically send you a notification once a day showing you what you were up to this time last year.

So what are you waiting for? Download Day Journal – private diary and start recording your life today.

Entry Features

  • Multiple photos per entry
  • Audio recording
  • Location data from GPS, WiFi or GSM
  • Place name editing
  • Set location on a map
  • Quick entry from status bar
  • Full weather, sun and moon data
  • Location & Date/Time can be obtained from photos
  • Categories
  • Mark entries as favourites
  • Emoticons
  • Tags with auto tagging

Data Protection Features

  • 256bit encrypted password protection
  • Backup to device or SD Card
  • Send backups to Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • Export of data using standard formats
  • Data restore

Exporting Features

  • Single or bulk entry export
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to plain text
  • Export to HTML
  • Export to DayOne app compatible files
  • User definable HTML and text export templates
  • Share exports to Dropbox and other apps

Data Retrieval / Viewing Features

  • Time line view
  • Calendar View
  • Search content and weather
  • Saved searches
  • Pre-defined date ranges including ‘this week, month, year’ and ‘last week, month, year’
  • Journal can be filtered on categories and tags
  • Statistics

Sharing Features

  • Share entries with apps including Facebook, Twitter, Evernote etc.
  • Create stunning HTML versions of your journal
  • Send an entry via SMS

Other Features

  • Interactive location maps
  • User defined categories
  • This Time Last Year notifications¬†(tells you what you were up to last year)
  • User definable units (Temperature, Wind speed etc)
  • User definable colours
  • Daily reminder to write in your journal
  • In app help
  • Choose from different sets of Emoticons
  • Portrait / Landscape supported
  • Widget
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  • User Comments:

    No ads!Finally, a quality app that is free, does what it's supposed to and has no ads.

    Simply AwesomeThe app gets the job done in an efficient way, the reminder is quiet useful for those of us who are a bit forgetful. I'm considering buying pro to support the app

    Love it!Do I really need to explain why I give this app five stars? It world perfectly keep my thoughts private. Perfect 5/5.