Percentages version 2 released

Percentages version 2 released

Based on the popular Percentages v1 app, Percentages 2 has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and iOS 8 and has been optimised for use on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Percentages is a universal app working on both the iPhone and iPad.

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Percentages 2 offers three views:

• Individual calculators (choose which percentage calculator to use)
• Percent changed (all variations comparing two numbers)
• Percent of (all variations showing a percent of a value)


1. Find the percent of a number
Use this option to find the percentage of a value. For example, what is 17.5% of 199.99? Answer is 35

2. Find the percent of a part value
For example, what percentage is 55 of 200? Answer = 27.50%

3. Find the percentage change from one value to another
For example, If an item originally cost 19.99 and now costs 17.99, by what percent has the price changed? Answer = 10.01%

4. Calculate the value that y% is of value x
For example, 245 if 15% of what value? Answer = 1633.33

5. Increase a number by a percentage
For example, what is 239 + 7%? Answer = 255.73

6. Decrease a number by a percentage
For example, what is 47.00 less 15%? Answer = 39.95

7. Calculate the original value after a percentage was deducted
For example, If you have an item that costs 140.00 and this was after a 30% deduction, what was the original price before the deduction? Answer = 200.00

8. Calculate the original value after a percentage was added
For example, If an item costs 19.99 including tax at 17.5%, what does the item cost excluding tax? Answer = 17.01

9. Show the difference between two values as a percentage
For example, juice costs 4.00 in one shop and 6.00 in another. The percentage difference between the two shops is 40%


Enter two values and Percentages 2 will instantly show you all the possible comparisons using these numbers.


Enter a value and a percentage and our app will show you all the possible comparisons.


– Large easy to see numbers
– Remember last calculation used
– Remember values entered
– Currency mode
– Large numeric only keypad (less prone to miss types)
– Clear and easy explanation of the answer
– Show formula (Clearly explains how the calculation was made and the formula used)
– In app help and support available by pressing the help icon on the tab bar
– Reverse inputs (swaps the input values around)
– User definable number of decimal places
– International Number formatting
– Sharp Retina display graphics
– Copy answers, formula and explanation for use in other apps

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