How to move Day Journal to a new device

How to move Day Journal to a new device

Install Day Journal On New Device

  1. Download and install Day Journal onto your new device
  2. If you had previously upgraded to PRO, go to the upgrade page and press the upgrade button. You will not be charged again so long as you use the same Google Play account.

Copy files using your PC

  1. Plug your old device into your PC
  2. Using file explorer, locate your device and open it up
  3. Open up the ‘Internal Storage’
  4. Look for a folder called ‘DayJournal’
  5. Open this folder and copy the folders called ‘Database’, ‘Audio’ and ‘Images’ onto your computer
  6. Now connect your new device to your PC
  7. Again look for the folder ‘DayJournal’ under ‘Internal Storage’
  8. Copy the ‘Database’, ‘Audio’ and ‘Images’ folders from your PC into the DayJournal folder overwriting what is there.
  9. That’s it

On some devices you won’t see the DayJournal folder when connected to your PC. In this case you will have to do a backup and restore.

Backup Data

  1. Locate the Backup option on the old device (It’s on the main menu)
  2. Perform a backup from within Day Journal
  3. This will create a set of four zip files
  4. Once the back up is complete, copy these files onto the new device via a PC or Google drive

Restore Data

  1. On the new device, use the Restore option found under settings
  2. Locate the folder where you copied the files too
  3. Tap the ‘Restore’ button

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