Day One App on Android

Day One App on Android

Well, no, not quiet but our Android diary app, Day Journal, will export diary entries to Day One and this is how. First of all you will need to install a copy of Day Journal on your Android device. Download it for free from Google Play. Once installed, add an entry and save it.

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There are two methods of exporting Day Journal entries to Day One. First of all I will explain how to export a single entry to Day One.


From the Day Journal timeline view, tap an entry to view it. Then whilst viewing, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots ). This will display a menu containing the export options.

Tap ‘Export Day One’ option. This will automatically generate the required Day One files and bring up a list of apps that you can use to share the files. The aim of the game here is to get the Day One files onto your Mac or PC so I would choose either Drop Box, Google Drive or Email.

There will be one or two files depending on whether your entry had a photo or not. You will have a .doentry file and possibly a .jpg file.

Once the files are on your Mac or PC you will need to copy them to Day One. The instructions for doing this depend on whether you use Day One with Dropbox or iCloud. Either way, the instructions are detailed at the end of this post.

As mentioned earlier, you can also bulk export to Day One. I will explain this next.


From the Day Journal Hub (main screen), tap ‘Export Journal’. Now set the date range you want to export by tapping the calendar icons next to the dates. If you only want to export entries containing certain text, enter this text into the ‘Containing’ field. Finally, select the category you want to export (leave blank to export all categories).

Now simply select ‘Export to Day One’ from the menu.

If you have an SD card, you will be prompted to save the export to either the device or SD Card.

Once completed, Day Journal will bring up a list of apps that you can use to share the files. In this case we will be sharing a single zip file called Depending on how many entries you exported, this could be pretty large but you will be told of its approximate size. If it’s large, use Drop Box or Google Drive, if its pretty small, email it to your self.

Once you have the zip file, open it on your Mac or PC and follow the last steps to copy the entries into Day One.


As explained above, there are two sets of instructions here, one for Drop Box and one for iCloud.

If you are using Day One with DropBox:

1. Copy the .doentry files into ‘Dropbox\Apps\Day One\Journal.dayone\entries’
2. If there are image files then copy these into ‘Dropbox\Apps\Day One\Journal.dayone\photos’

If you are using DayOne with iCloud:

Locate the DayOne iCloud folder on your Mac. To do this:

1. Go To Finder
2. Click the ‘Go’ menu
3. Click the ‘Library’ option on the ‘Go’ menu
4. If the ‘Library’ option is not visible, hold down your ‘Option’ key to reveal it
5. Under the Library folder, select ‘Mobile Documents’
6. Under the Mobile Documents folder you will see a Dayone App folder, something like ’5U8BS5GX82~com~dayone~dayone’
7. Under the Dayone app folder, select the ‘Documents’ folder
8. Under the Documents folder you will see a ‘Journal_dayone’ folder
9. Copy the .doentry files into the ‘entries’ folder
10. If there are image files then copy these into the ‘photos’ folder

Job done. You will now see your entries appear in Day One on your Mac.

It must seem like a lot of work to export the data into Day One but it really does only take a minute.

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