How to activate Day Journals Issue Tracking

For some issues you may be asked to initiate tracking within Day Journal and to then send us the log files. To do this, following these steps:

From the Day Journal main screen, go to Settings
Find and tap on the ‘Issue Tracking’ option
Tap the ‘Turn On’ button
Now use Day Journal normally and re-produce the issue
Once the issue has been re-produced, go […]

How to move Day Journal to a new device

Install Day Journal On New Device

Download and install Day Journal onto your new device
If you had previously upgraded to PRO, go to the upgrade page and press the upgrade button. You will not be charged again so long as you use the same Google Play account.

Copy files using your PC

Plug your old device into your PC
Using file explorer, locate your […]

Day One App on Android

Well, no, not quiet but our Android diary app, Day Journal, will export diary entries to Day One and this is how. First of all you will need to install a copy of Day Journal on your Android device. Download it for free from Google Play. Once installed, add an entry and save it.