New features for Day Journal 2.3

We’ve been busy working on the upcoming release of Day Journal 2.3. We have redesigned all screens with a new slide out menu which will allow the user access to all major areas of the app from any screen. No longer will you have to return to the HUB. The HUB is no more, from now on Day Journal will […]

Day Journal to support Markdown

The next release of Day Journal will support some elements of the Markdown formatting language. Initial support will be for Bold, italics, strikethrough and any combination of those formats. […]

Welcome to the new look

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website! After many years of service, we thought it was finally time to retire our old website and replace it with a slicker, more advanced website.

Very Pinteresting …

We now have several boards up on Pinterest so please come along and take a look. Here you will see screen shots of apps we are working on plus our new ‘Keep Calm Quotes’ board. This board has been set up for users of our Keep Calm Poster maker apps. Send us your creations and we will pin them to […]

Countdown to BlackBerry 10

Well the new year is upon us which means the new BlackBerry 10 launch is less than a month away.  For those of you not familiar with BlackBerry 10 (or BB10 as its referred to) this is the new series of devices and OS to be launched on January the 30th.


BlackBerry Jam Enterprise London

We attended the BlackBerry Jam Enterprise edition today in Blackfriars, London. It was an early start but very much worth it.  We met several BlackBerry employees who were more than happy to discuss the forthcoming BB10 OS and had a day of hands on experience developing with the OS.